Welcome home!

An event reception service to attend to each guest’s every need

The quality of human relations is the primary value of Les Salons de l’Aveyron Paris Bercy.
The recruitment and training of our staff and the choice of our service providers stem from this philosophy.

A smile and a “hello” will be the first two contacts that you and your guests will systematically receive upon arrival.
So… Welcome!

A dedicated stage manager

A stage manager welcomes you upon arrival and coordinates the entire event from set-up to dismantling with the relevant departments. He is your unique and dedicated contact. Just leave everything to us.


Event professionals to welcome your guests

Hostesses, security guards, and photographers are all essential to meet your guests’ expectations in a professional manner.

These professionals, selected by us, are part of our address book, and will ensure the smooth running of your event. Every comfort is guaranteed for your guests as you enjoy your event to the fullest!