Our catering service, the key to your event's success

A novel choice of catering packages

At corporate events, the catering plays a key role in participants’ enjoyment and pleasure. Accordingly, we have designed a novel, bespoke service that will create lasting memories and an enjoyable meal for your guests.
For 100 to 500 guests, we offer a wide choice of catering packages to suit all of your events. So take advantage of a meal, a cocktail party or a homemade buffet, tailored to your requirements.

A partnership with high-quality suppliers

For maximum quality, all of our catering is produced on-site. Over the years, our catering team

has gradually built up a solid network of renowned suppliers, such as Eric Lefevre, a master cheesemaker elected “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in 2005. To guarantee top food safety standards, we have even formed a partnership with the Institut Pasteur to monitor our food safety standards.

Offer your guests a one-of-a-kind experience

On the strength of our experience (over 50,000 lunches, dinners and cocktails served in 2017), we have built a high-quality service to delight your guests. To help your participants enjoy their evening to the full, we offer a wide range of culinary activities in connection with a cocktail party or buffet.
Lastly, our approach is part of an eco-responsible initiative based on using fresh, seasonal products.